Mediation in managing different fractions of waste, especially those which can be problematic: used tires, RDF or pre-RDF

Our offer is designed for waste treatment facilities. We are specialized in finding and implementing optimal solutions for waste management. Our experience has shown how difficult a reasonable management of some waste fractions can be. Our mission is to find solutions for used tires, RDF and pre-RDF directly at waste treatment plants by finding and organizing a commercial use for them.


Consulting in choice of technologies and facilities’ modernization

In the waste industry, new technologies are constantly developed, which implies a large offer proposed by many suppliers. We analyse your individual needs and the capabilities of each facility to help you choose the optimal solutions. The choice is based on our long-time experience and our constantly updated knowledge of the technologies available on waste management market.

Creation of administrative and tender documents

The preparation of the required administrative documentation facilitates the investment process, however, it requires a deep knowledge in many fields – law, technology, ecology and environmental protection. We take care of preparing all the necessary documents such as Project information charts, Environmental Impact Assessment reports, Specifications of the essential terms of contract and other tender documents for the waste processing industry.