Our offer is addressed to waste treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and all other producers of biodegradable / organic waste. We search for and implement optimal solutions in the field of waste management. We follow, test and implement the latest technological trends, in line with the idea of ​​the Circular Economy.

We offer technology with the use of GORE membranes for stabilization and bio-drying processes, but above all for waste composting, including the innovative composting technology of biopolymers – compostable plastics.

We know how to ensure operational safety and hydrogen-free installations using membranes.

We also take care of the professional preparation of the required administrative documentation, based on knowledge in the field of law, technology, ecology and nature protection.

In addition, we organize the procedure of introducing compost to commercial circulation, leading to the closing of the cycle of biodegradable raw materials / waste.

We create environmental education programs, organize events and conduct promotions.