Our offer is dedicated to waste treatment facilities and waste water treatment plants. We select and implement the optimal solutions for an effective waste management. We follow, test and implement the latest technological trends.

We offer technologies for composting, stabilization and biodrying processes, and an efficient solution for separating packaging (to be recycled) from organic content (to be composted or fermented) from a mass of organic waste such as kitchen waste, supermarket waste, or waste from collective catering and food industry. We build and maintain positive relationships with people and institutions related to your plant.

We create ecological education programs, organize events and conduct promotions.

We can also take care of creating all the required administrative documentation by putting into action our knowledge of law, technology, ecology and environmental protection. GREENCODE works closely with ProfiKomp® Inc., the provider of GORE® Cover technology (for composting, stabilizing and drying organic waste) and with Green Management Group in the area of effective separation of the packaging from its organic content from a mass of organic waste. GREENCODE also cooperates with SOLWIT.EKO who provide software and system solutions for the waste management plants.

Agnieszka Spodzieja

An experienced strategist, waste management analyst, speaker and businesswoman. Graduate of Gdansk University of Technology interdisciplinary studies of Environmental Protection and Management. Fluent in English. For many years associated with the waste management company Eko Dolina (Eco Valley) in Lezyce, where she lent her expertise to develop new waste management standards. As a speaker, she has been taking active part in Polish and international waste management conferences for several years.

Marta Całka

A dedicated Ecologist by passion and education. Graduate of Multidisciplinary Department of Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection at the University of Lodz. Previously, as a specialist, professionally associated with S.WITKO and LABO-MIX companies closely related to the waste management industry. Her professional interests include composting and commercial usage of compost (as a fertilizer or soil improver). She deals with environmental monitoring and waste management issues in the context of economic benefits.